Photo credit : Carlos Guerra
Photo credit : Carlos Guerra

Composer la présence

Give your students a behind-the-scenes look at songwriting: lyrics, music, and performance.

The “Composer la présence” project allows young people to familiarize themselves with the steps involved in writing, composing, and performing a song. Exploring the creation of music helps young people understand the singer-songwriter’s process and the artistic choices that must be made.

School levels: High school 1 to 5 and Accueil beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Educational Approach to the Project

Workshops and a performance give students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the steps involved in writing, composing, and performing a song. Workshops immerse students in the creative process and provide them with the knowledge and tools related to the discipline. At the project’s conclusion, students will understand the work that an artist must accomplish before taking a performance to the stage.

  • A pedagogical kit
  • Two workshops with an artist-mediator present at the school
  • A show by the main artists at Place des Arts

Performance of Shauit

French only

Cultural mediation

  • An educational toolkit (study guide for the project - to come, video interview with Shauit: capsule 1, capsule 2, capsule 3, and the video tutorial - to come) - French only.
  • Teacher’s training (éducation esthétique: November 18 and 19, 2022 at the Place des Arts) - optional.
  • Two workshops given by an artist: December 2022 to May 2023.
  • A performance by Shauit, followed by a discussion: March 28, 2023 (90 minutes each, including a discussion) at the Théâtre Maisonneuve.

Targeted School Subjetcs

  • French
  • French as a second language
  • Ethics and religious culture
  • Arts
  • Geography, History and Citizenship Education
  • Contemporary World
  • Science and Technology

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Cost per project: $12 per person (students and teachers)


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