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Société pour l’avancement
de la chanson d’expression française

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

SACEF presents a number of events at Place des Arts—such as LES WEEK-ENDS DE LA CHANSON QUEBECOR and MA PREMIÈRE PLACE DES ARTS—, giving emerging performers and singer-songwriters the opportunity to appear before a live audience.

For the past eighteen years, SACEF has lent its support to artists who write, compose, and perform French-language music. Professionals and advisors dedicated to the cause are on hand to guide these young artists. The challenge is met year after year. Such artists as Nicolas Ciccone, Corneille, Ima, Lynda Thalie, and many others have benefitted from SACEF serving as a springboard to their careers.

Designed for performers and singer-songwriters working in the area of song, SACEF events take place in the Studio-théâtre at Place des Arts. This small performance space is perfectly suited for singers who want to get to the essence of their art form: immediate contact with an audience. It has been said that singing in this venue is like performing in the intimate surroundings of your living room backed by the sophisticated technical support required for a top-notch performance.