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LE CCOV à l'Espace Culturel Georges-Émile Lapalme

Tuesday, April 25 2017 La Tresse Dance Collective | Volume II Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme
  • Type of Event - Dance, Free activity, Contemporary Dance
  • Presenter/Producer - Centre de Création O Vertigo
  • Hall - Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme


As part of National Dance Week, the O Vertigo Creation Centre is presenting a series of three performances at the Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme of Place des Arts. This unique event takes viewers outside the traditional theatre setting. Whether a passer-by or seasoned dance enthusiast, you will be amazed by these sparkling moments of dance!



La Tresse Dance Collective has developed an aesthetic in which precision coexists with chaos. Inspired by the tension between fragility and vitality, humanity and animality, Beauté Brute leads us into a parallel universe with an impenetrable mystique. Three women-creatures meet, interacting through a total expenditure of the body, a unique form of physicality. Driven by the same impulse, they explore their relationship with desire, drawing upon their fantasies to reveal its essence. Probing the inner workings of the “beautiful,” the co-creators depict an atypical, complex-free femininity, providing a perfect opportunity to reconnect with the elegance of abnormality!


Dancers and choreographers: Geneviève Boulet, Erin O’loughlin, Laura Toma
Artistic Consultant and Rehearsal Master: James Viveiros
Lighting and Technical Director: Hugo Dalphond
Costumes: Gina Osorio