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Anne Le Beau/Compagnie Dave St-Pierre inc. - Danse Danse

From February 1 To 11 2017 suie Cinquième Salle
  • Type of Event - Dance, Contemporary Dance
  • Presenter/Producer - Danse Danse
  • Hall - Cinquième Salle


Anne Le Beau / Compagnie Dave St-Pierre inc. (Montréal)


Dave St-Pierre

Length : 1h35

A grand premiere at Danse Danse. The impetuous choreographer Dave St-Pierre is inspired by the heroic Joan of Arc in an illuminating piece about the pursuit of the absolute, the force of instinct, courage and faith. Ordeal and transcendence are at the heart of this explosive, intimate and engaging work for three performers that he created with the dancers Anne Le Beau and Bernard Martin, and the actor Hubert Proulx. These warriors of the impossible made possible are driven by a passionate will to live. Performing on an inclined stage, they have as partners the ground, poster paint and water. Their skin is covered in digital tattoos by the artist Alex Huot, who sculpts bodies and summons wild, raging nature to the stage, a supernatural world. The warm, embracing lighting by Marc Parent and the music composed by Stéfan Boucher add a rich sensuality to the piece. An initiatory adventure, an urban epic, a new mythology.

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Rate for ages 30 and under : available at the Place des Arts box office or at 514-842-2112 – 1-866-842-2112

Warning : this show contains nudity. It is not recommended for children.

Photo © Alex Huot. Dancer Anne Le Beau.


Partner - Creators Series


A production by Anne Le Beau / Compagnie Dave St-Pierre inc. Project initiated by Anne Le Beau. Choreographer Dave St- Pierre. Dancers Anne Le Beau, Bernard Martin, Hubert Proulx. Music Composition Stéfan Boucher. Lighting Design Marc Parent. Digital images and Projection on the bodies Alex Huot. Set and Costume Design Dave St-Pierre. Technical Director Hubert Leduc. Residencies Espace Marie Chouinard, UQAM, LEDCM, Studio BIZZ, Place des Arts, Arsenal Art contemporain, Danse Danse.

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Danse danse