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Salon urbain - Place des Arts

The Salon urbain can be rented for lectures, launches, exhibitions, cocktail parties, or private receptions. This trendy space, with its bold and modern architecture, is located in front of the Maison symphonique; it can be reached directly from the entrance on Saint-Urbain Street.


    This versatile space offers a highly flexible layout for a wide variety of social events, whether or not they relate to the shows being presented in the surrounding performance halls.

    On a black and white background, the red curtain—both a theatrical and a design element—serves to link the Salon with the performing arts and with evenings of grandeur, creating a pleasant setting for get-togethers. In the daytime, the Salon’s windows let in natural light, further connecting it to the urban environment. The bar is the key element of this reconfigurable space.

    The Salon urbain can be quiet, enveloping or open, elegant, modern, and rooted to its surroundings. It is a meeting place that is valued for its atmosphere, its look, and its prime location in the heart of Montréal’s cultural centre.

    The Salon urbain was designed by the consortium of Sid Lee Architecture and Aedifica.

    514 285-4230 

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