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Seating capacity: 2,100

A concert hall that meets the most stringent international norms for acoustics, stage design, and architecture.

The Maison symphonique de Montréal is reserved for the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal 240 days a year; Place des Arts is responsible for programming the hall for all other ensembles requesting its use.

Inaugurated in 2011, it is home to the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal. It is also host of ensembles such as the Orchestre Métropolitain, chamber orchestras Les Violons du Roy, I Musici de Montréal, McGill, concerts and recitals by the Pro Musica Society and the Montreal International Musical Competition.

Designed to host all manner of acoustic ensembles, the new concert hall can accommodate large symphony orchestras and smaller groups, soloists, instrumentalists, vocal recitals, choirs, jazz musicians, and pop artists. The Maison symphonique’s stage can hold up to 200 choristers and 120 musicians.


    Its natural sounding acoustics are matched with perfect sightlines and an intimate ambiance, offering an exceptional auditory and visual experience.

    The architectural design of the new auditorium incorporates adjustable stage equipment (movable ceiling panels) to optimize sound quality based on the range of musical devices used to perform large-scale classical masterpieces. With such acoustic versatility, the requirements of other musical genres and particular events needing sound amplification, such as lectures, can also be met.

    A structural shell (the crown) envelops the hall, insulating it from all exterior sounds and vibrations.

    Wood is a material that meets strict acoustic requirements. In the Maison symphonique de Montréal, 70% of surfaces are covered in wood.

    Inside the building, all the potential sources of noise—such as heating and ventilation systems, elevators, washrooms, and water fountains—have been positioned following an overall strategy aimed at preventing sound propagation.

    Outside, noise is buffered by a careful selection of architectural and structural elements. All the elements were analyzed, selected, and positioned to create a hall that ensures the maximum quality of various register frequencies.

    Built as part of a public-private partnership (PPP), the Maison symphonique de Montréal’s acoustic design was created by Russell Johnson to meet the most stringent international norms for acoustics. The hall’s pillars rest on cushions, and the hall is lined with 175 pads, insulting it from outside noise and vibrations. The wood covering 70% of the hall’s interior is beech from the Outaouais region.

    Under this PPP, Groupe immobilier Ovation, headed by SNC-Lavalin, was responsible for the design, construction, and opening of the Maison symphonique de Montréal.

  1. The organ at Maison symphonique

    The organ at Maison symphonique de Montréal, to be inaugurated on May 28, 2014, was designed and built on behalf of the OSM by the house of Casavant with the collaboration of architects Diamond Schmitt + Ædifica for its visual design, and will be the Orchestra’s property. This is a large organ intended for orchestral use, and is recorded in the books of the Saint-Hyacinthe builder as Opus 3,900. It consists of 109 registers, 83 stops, 116 ranks and 6,489 pipes.
    The instrument bears the name Grand Orgue Pierre Béique, in tribute to the OSM founder and first general manager (from 1939 to 1970). An astute administrator and a committed music lover, Pierre Béique took over from Mrs. Athanase David, who had acted, since 1934, as secretary of the Board of Directors of the Société des concerts symphoniques de Montréal, the forerunner of the OSM.
    Purchase of this organ was made possible, courtesy of Mrs. Jacqueline Desmarais, who assumed the total cost and, in so doing, wished to keep alive the memory of the lasting contribution made by Mr. Pierre Béique to the OSM’s mission of excellence.


    There are 2 bars on the Parterre level, 2 more on the Corbeille level, and another on the Balcony level. They are open one hour before performances and during intermissions. Cash only.

    Cloakroom: $3


    Assistance for persons with reduced mobility
    During performances, a member of the ushering staff is specifically designated to assist persons with reduced mobility. Customers who require assistance must report to the hall’s main entrance at 1600 Saint-Urbain Street, at the reception area.

    Aids for the hearing-impaired
    An audio system enables hearing-impaired spectators to tune into the audio signal of the show by setting their FM receivers to 104,5.
    Devices are available at the cloakroom counter, upon presentation of an ID card. At the end of the concert, you must return the device to the counter in order to reclaim your ID.

Maison Symphonique
Place des Arts

1600 Saint-Urbain Street,
Montreal (Quebec),
H2X 0S1

Tel.: 514 285-4100

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