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2,000 seats under its covered section, and room for 8,000 spectators on the lawn.
Located near Joliette in the Lanaudière region.
This outdoor amphitheatre—with its exceptional acoustics and a natural setting that is equally as remarkable—features concerts by internationally known musical ensembles, orchestras, and soloists. It offers a unique experience for the senses, an opportunity to hear, see, and breathe in the atmosphere at a concert in the heart of a hemlock grove!


    Built in Georges-Rondeau Park, a 70-hectare piece of land along the Assomption River, the Amphithéâtre Fernand-Lindsay opened its doors to its first audiences in July 1989. The Amphithéâtre has three parking lots to cater to all of its customers: P3 has a capacity of 1,500 cars, P2 can fit about 180, and P1, which is reserved for VIP clients, has room for approximately 70 cars.

    The Amphithéâtre Fernand-Lindsay, originally called the Amphithéâtre de Lanaudière, was renamed in 2010 in memory of Father Fernand Lindsay, founder of the Festival de Lanaudière and the youth music camp that today bears his name.

    The Société de la Place des Arts has been managing the Amphithéâtre Fernand-Lindsay since the summer of 1995. The spectacular site was designed by architect Michel Gallienne and his colleagues, scenic artist Yvon Sanche, and acoustical consultant Lionel J. Lortie, all three of whom are from Québec City. Several artists and music critics who have seen similar facilities in the United States have nothing but praise for the Amphithéâtre Fernand-Lindsay, in particular for its acoustic qualities.

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